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Electrical Engineering

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Magare's mechanical Engineering is committed to designing sustainable and reliable mechanical systems that exploit operating savings and minimize environment.

We are registered with CRB as Mechanical works contractor Class II with registration number M2/5/03/2020.

We work with building users, operators, and owners to design easily manageable and maintainable mechanical systems.

In every project, we are environmentally committed to meeting and/or exceeding all relevant energy standards to attain the desired environmental and economic benefits.

We supply
Electrical Instruments

  • Fluke 715/Ma Calibrator
  • Phasing Kit 40kv
  • Transacts 710 Resistance Temp. Detector Simulator Mod. RTD 1000 T
  • Fluke 725 Multifunction Process Calibrator and Pressure Module
  • Fluke Dry Well Calibrator Hart Scientific Div.
  • Fluke 199c/S Scope Meter Color 200megameter 2.5g/S
  • Fluke Model 434 Power Quality analyzer Kit
  • Fluke Flexible Current Transformer
  • 15kv Megger
  • 5kv Megger
  • High Voltage Circuit Breaker analyzer
  • Tan 40kv Delta/Dielectric Disceptation Factor
  • Transformer Oil Dielectric Strength Voltage Breakdown Voltage (BDV)
  • CT And PT Analyzer
  • Multimeters Different Sizes and Capacity
  • Power Clamp Meters Up to 2000A
  • Earth Resistance
  • Earth Clamp Meters